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Authors & Trailblazers

Meet some of the people behind the enthusiasm. These Trailblazers push Tableau CRM to its limits. Find out what drives them.

Jennifer Shier

From MVP admin to analytics fanatic, read Jennifer’s inspiring story.

Peter Lyons

Check out Peter's YouTube channel. No one can match him for the quality and breadth of his output!

Rikke Hovgaard

Rikke is certified across multiple applications, but analytics has been a particular focus of her (prolific) blogging activity.

Mark Tossell

After leaving a 20-year career as a pastor, Mark jumped into CRM and became the CIO of Visioneer. He posts regularly about analytics.

TJ Gleason

TJ has a passion for sharing knowledge and continuing to improve. His blog helps him connect with other Trailblazers.

Nic Flook

Nic is a practice leader in the UK specializing in Tableau CRM. Check out his latest cookbook 'recipes'!

Steffen Haerterich

Steffen's path to analytics was via project management and IT. He found even imperfect data can be "a game-changer."

Pedro Gagliardi

Pedro is a self-described "Tableau CRM geek." He gets geeky over dynamic tables on his Medium blog.

Logan Brown

Logan built some analytics insights for sales and soon found himself on a plane to show the CEO.

Carl Brundage

Carl has over 25 Salesforce certifications. He's an MVP and frequent speaker at Salesforce events, especially on analytics-related topics.